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Pathways Clubhouse

Why choose MRC Pathways?

Pathways provides psychosocial rehabilitation through the clubhouse model to individuals that struggle with severe and persistent mental illness. These individuals are members of Pathways clubhouse and our greater Kalamazoo community.

Pathways clubhouse provides a variety of vocational, social and recreational services to our members and meets CARF accreditation standards.  Pathways programming offers an array of member-directed and staff-provided supports for individuals challenged with severe mental illness. 

The clubhouse is a bridge for persons with mental illness linking them to a safe environment where they can regain confidence, explore their abilities, and be supported as they re-enter the world of work. It offers the members hope and opportunities to achieve their fullest potential. It allows members to participate in their own personal recovery process by working and learning together in a safe and welcoming environment.

The clubhouse model at Pathways provides members and staff with a plan for success.  They work together in units that teach specific work skills and help members gain confidence necessary for ongoing education, future employment, and community integration.

Pathways employment options range from work crew opportunities to individual job placement and from temporary or transitional work experiences to full-time employment.  Staff and members assist with job searching, job coaching, accommodation, and direct and/or indirect job support.

What is a Work-Ordered Day?

The work-ordered day is the primary component of Clubhouse programming.  It is made up of tasks and activities that are essential to ongoing program operations.  Activities include but are not limited to clerical, cooking, banking, interivewing potential staff, building maintenance, safety activities, marking program decisions, cleaning and planning for social activities.

Within the structure of the work-ordered day, members and staff work side by side.  The Clubhouse setting is purposely informal to eliminate any unnecesary distinctions between members and staff.

Our Staff

Along with their professional education, experience and training, Pathways staff are specifically chosen for their ability to engage members in all aspects of programming.  Staff focus and build on the strengths of each person served.


Pathways provides on-site tutoring for members who wish to enhance their basic academic skills, earn a GED, pursue post-secondary education, or obtain skill training.  Advocacy and support with educational facilities are also provided.

Focus on Health and Wellness

Pathways offers many ways to improve your health including weekly trips to health and fitness centers and participation in wellness-related groups.  We assist in identifying goals to improve health in a positive, supportive environment.


Pathways members and staff are very active in self-advocacy on community issues.  Through the Michigan Association of Clubhouses, Pathways is active in regional and state clubhouse activities and conferences.  Pathways also promotes voter registration and helps members with voting.  

Social and Recreational Activities

Members plan a variety of activities which may include sporting events, volunteering, movies, crafts, arts and cultural events, dining experiences and more.  Special programming is offered for major holidays.

For more information about Pathways Clubhouse call (269) 342-0173.




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