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McKercher Skill-Building Services

Why choose McKercher Skill-Building?

Skill-building services consist of activities identified in the individual plan of service to increase an individual’s economic self-sufficiency and/or to engage in meaningful activities such as school, work and/or volunteering in the Kalamazoo County area. The ultimate goal of skill-building services is to prepare individuals to transition to full integration in the community through competitive employment.

Community Volunteering

Community volunteering helps individuals explore interests, discover talents, expand knowledge, and develop skills so they can become integral members of their communities. Participants volunteer in various local organizations within Kalamazoo County. Skill Building staff are committed to searching for and developing new activities that enhance participants’ lives and promote community inclusion. These services can be provided in small- or large-group settings.

Facility-Based Services

Facility-Based Services are provided on a staff to consumer ratio of 1:3 to 1:12. These services may include paid work opportunities as well as skill building curriculum that allows individuals to develop social and interpersonal skills, good work habits, and work tolerance. In addition, individuals are able to gain the confidence needed to earn an income and become more involved in their communities in an environment that accommodates special needs and builds on abilities.


MRC artWorks is an art gallery, studio and retail store located on the Kalamazoo Mall in the heart of downtown Kalamazoo.  MRC artworks offers unique and affordable art created by individuals with disabilities, providing an outlet to achieve creative self‐expression in a way that promotes personal growth, dignity, and self-confidence. We strive to enrich the community with the diversity of art by participating in local Art Hops and promoting our artists’ work through a variety of venues. All artists receive a commission for the sale of their work, which not only serves as their source of income, but also enhances and reinforces their self-esteem and self-worth. MRC artWorks provides a safe, positive, and creative environment that focuses on the individual’s abilities rather than their disabilities.

MRC Drummers

MRC's drumming group began in 2004 as an opportunity for individuals with developmental disabilities to use rhythm as expressed by drums and percussion instruments to showcase their musical talents.  It guickly grew from a small group into a popular production that performs throughout the community.  Individuals work with music instructors to learn and express themselves using drums and other musical instruments. 

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