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Community Employment in Kalamazoo County

Why choose MRC Community Employment?

MRC is fully committed to the advancement of individuals in Kalamazoo County with disabilities to full integration in their community through meaningful, competitive employment. MRC offers a full array of community employment services and meets CARF accreditation standards.

Individual Placement

MRC Employment Training Specialists (ETS) assist job seekers in locating employment that is matched to the person’s interests, abilities, and needs. ETS staff will assist with job searching, resume writing, interview preparation, eliminating barriers, and on the job training. Ongoing career exploration and benefits management are part of this service.

Job Supports

Once a job is located, ETS staff, or an experienced job coach, will assist in helping an individual learn their new job, provide ongoing support and training, build natural supports at the job and in the community, and arrange transportation.

Community Group Employment

An opportunity to earn a competitive wage while seeking a job in the community. MRC contracts with more than 30 area businesses and non-profit organizations to provide cleaning services.

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Jonathan Kraker, Director of Community Employment, MRC Industries, 269-343-0747, ext. 243.




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