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McKercher EmploymentPathways is a psychosocial rehabilitation clubhouse that offers employment options and integration to residents of Kalamazoo County whose lives have been seriously challenged by mental illness.

Pathways provides a variety of vocational, social, and recreational services and is based on the
clubhouse model of psychosocial rehabilitation.  Psychosocial rehabilitation programming offers an array of member-directed and staff-provided supports for individuals challenged with severe mental illness.  The program is a bridge for persons with mental illness linking them to a safe environment where they can regain confidence, explore their abilities, and be supported as they re-enter the world of work.

The clubhouse model at Pathways provides members and staff with a plan for success.  They work together in units that teach specific work skills and help members gain confidence necessary for ongoing education, future employment, and community integration.

Pathways employment options range from work crew opportunities to individual job placement and from temporary or transitional work experiences to full-time employment.  Staff and members assist with job finding, job coaching, accommodation, and direct and/or indirect job support. Members of Pathways can participate in Universal & Universal, a work-crew employment company managed by members. To learn more about U & U, click here.

For more information about Pathways Clubhouse call (269) 342-0173 or visit us at 119 West Vine Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001.


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