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At MRC, we can help you fill your employment needs. Partnering with many area businesses, we have been able to place individuals and work crews in a variety of positions. And the best part is that-whether you decide to hire a crew or an individual-MRC provides on-site job training and supervision for as long as our people work for you.

We provide our Community Employment Services through both our McKercher Community Employment Services and Pathways Universal & Universal

What are the benefits to hiring a person with disabilities?

Promote Social Responsibility & Diversity

Whether you call it corporate responsibility, community partnership, or just doing the right thing, more and more businesses are recognizing the value of social responsibility and diversity.

  • 95% of CEOs said that society has higher expectations of business taking on public responsibilities.
  • A company's reputation is strongly linked to its commitment to corporate responsibility.
  • 65% of Americans are willing to switch to a brand or company associated with a good cause if price and quality are relatively equal.
  • The majority of workers think that a diverse workforce makes their organization more successful.
  • Diversity attracts a more diverse customer base.


Improve Your Bottom Line

  • According to a National Survey of Consumer Attitudes towards Companies that Hire People with Disabilities, 92% of the American public view companies that hire people with disabilities more favorably than those that do not.
  • 87% of the public would prefer to give their business to companies that hire people with disabilities.
  • When a company employs people with disabilities, it is shown to build a lasting brand trust among consumers.

Reduce Costs

  • Avoid productivity losses incurred from unfilled positions.
  • Free up skilled workers from performing tasks that take time away from their main functions and have MRC employees perform these jobs.
  • Reduce turnover costs with a workforce that consistently has high retention rates.
  • Create more efficient work processes as evidenced by companies such as Walgreens and A&F Woods Company, which implemented accommodations for their workers with disabilities and experienced an overall increase in productivity.
  • Leverage tax incentives, when applicable, to realize tax credits ranging from $2,400 to $15,000.


Frequently Asked Questions

What performance standards should I have for my employees with disabilities?

You should hold all of your employees to the same established performance standards. People with disabilities may do their work differently or need accommodations to perform, but they should still be expected to meet your high standards. In 1990, DuPont conducted a survey of 811 employees with disabilities and found 90% rated average or better in job performance. At MRC, we provide job coaches to help your new employee learn their job and continue to provide satisfactory performance.

Do I need to provide anything special for my employees with disabilities?

Most employees with disabilities require nothing more than the consideration you may already be providing your employees such as flexible work schedules and modified workstations. Some may require some special accommodations-which can be arranged with the MRC job coach- to help them perform their work.

How do I prepare managers and employees for an inclusive workforce?

You may be surprised that very little preparation is required. A good practice might be to include disability etiquette or sensitivity training as part of your new employee and/or training activities.

Will hiring a person with disabilities increase my insurance?

No. Insurance rates are based solely on the relative hazards of the operation and the organization's accident experience, not on the workers.

Won't a person with disabilities be absent more from work?

No. Studies show that employees with disabilities are not absent any more than employees without disabilities.

Are there tax incentives for hiring people with disabilities?

Yes. You may be eligible for $2,400 to $15,000 in tax credits. These tax credits are available to help employers cover the cost of accommodations for employees with disabilities and to make workplaces accessible. Visit the IRS website for more information or talk with your tax advisor.

Can I fire an employee with a disability who is not doing their job?

Yes. The Americans with Disabilities Act states that as long as an individual with a disability has been provided with accommodations, if requested, that individual can be treated the same as other employees when evaluating performance. However, because MRC provides job coaching and support, we ask that you make us aware of any problems your employee is having right away so that we can help him or her perform to your expectations.

How do I get started?

Just give MRC Industries a call at 269-343-0747 and we'll find the right fit for your employment needs. We will match an individual with your position, provide on-the-job training for the individual until he or she is ready to work independently, and continue to provide support to that individual and you with frequent follow-up visits and performance checks. If you are hiring a work crew, MRC will provide a job supervisor to work with the crew to guarantee job satisfaction every time. It's a win-win situation for you and your new employee!


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